Water Efficiency and the EERE

The US Department of Energy’s Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Department have a great web site for water efficiency, but I never see any references to it in the EERE email blast.

Email  Will Lintner and let him know you want them to start.
Federal Energy Management Program

Check it out. It is great

Water Efficiency

Water is one of our most precious natural resources, and although the United States has an abundant supply, it is not evenly distributed throughout the country. Recent droughts illustrate that many areas are severely undersupplied. Federal facilities have a tremendous opportunity to lead by example within their communities to showcase innovative and cost-effective water efficiency strategies.

Water efficiency is no longer an option. Federal laws and regulations require agencies to implement water efficiency efforts. FEMP considers water efficiency to be an integral part of every comprehensive energy/resource management program. This is because water requires significant energy input for treatment, pumping, heating, and process uses.

Federal agencies have been making tremendous strides in their water efficiency efforts during the past few years. With new Federal directives, Federal agencies must continue to conserve water. FEMP’s mission is to assist agencies in water efficiency and meeting Federal mandates. In this section, energy managers can learn more about water efficiency through:

Basics: Introduction of Federal water efficiency, including myths and misconceptions surrounding water efficiency and conservation efforts.

Federal Requirements: Overview of Federal water efficiency requirements as well as and guidance surrounding Federal water management.

Best Management Practices: Series of 14 Best Management Practices for Federal water efficiency developed by FEMP and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Case Studies: Sample Federal water programs aligned with the 14 Best Management Practices for Federal water efficiency.

Working Group: Information, objectives, and resources surrounding the Federal Water Working Group.

Resources: Federal, state, and local resources for water efficiency and management, including guidebooks, associations, and related links.

Contacts: FEMP and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) national laboratory contacts for Federal water efficiency and management.

Additional information is available in a Water Efficiency Program Prioritization presentation (PDF 203 KB).

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