Water Audits


Water  Issues:
  • Are you having rising water costs or billing anomalies?
  • Would you like and independent review of your water use anywhere in the country?
  • Would you like an independent representative to make sure the upgrades done are to your satisfaction?

A water audit can uncover the problems and resolve the issue.

The process includes:
  • Reviewing Water Bills
  • Assessment of Property
  • Recommendations of Products
  • Quantified Water Saving
  • Payback Period

A review of water bills, assessment of  fixtures and a holistic review of water use is the answer. By comparing current water use to the specified water use though a model the amount of loss can be calculated showing the water loss and its cost. Recommendations include monitoring realtime water use, fixture upgrades and  implementing technologies. Solutions are fulfilled through partnerships with other organizations.

The water audit is the foundation for the consultation. Providing water audits brings a holistic view of your water foot print and opens up the possibilities to use water more efficiently. In cities such as Atlanta with high rates offer a return on the investment  of a fixture upgrades as low as 2 years. Finding maintenance issues and minor upgrades can offer an even quicker return.

Above is a list of Audit results for major upgrades in the Atlanta Metro Area. However, maintenance programs are cheaper and may have a better payback.

Water audits are available at 3 levels:
  • Level 1: Incorporates 2 year of water bills, occupancy and all metered water use into a model with summary showing water currently used, water savings and the cost of the water saved. (Possible site visit)
  • Level 2: Incorporates 2 year of water bills, occupancy and all metered water use into a model with summary,  product recommendations and payback period. (Limited site visit with measurement and verification)
  • Level 3: Incorporates 2 year of water bills, occupancy and all water use into a model with summary,  product recommendations and payback period (Complete site visit with measurement and verification) Investment grade 
Model Integrates:

  • Toilet Retrofits /Replacements
  • Urinal Retrofits/Replacements
  • Faucet Retrofits
  • Showerhead Replacements
  • Domestic Hot Water Energy Savings
  • Janitorial Savings
  • O&M Savings
  • Pre-rinse Sprayer Retrofit
  • and more…

I also have models on:

  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Irrigation
  • Cooling Towers
  • Commercial Laundries
  • Condensate Production


A water audit is conducted and priced based on the Level chosen and size of the property. After audits process is complete we can use your plumbing firm or one we help find to complete the project. Help will be provided to choose the best products and over see installation. There is a fee for for Level 1, an additional fee for Level 2 to update the model and a percentage based on the cost of the amount of water saved if the project goes through. We will be an independent third party manager of the project to make sure your investment is secure.