Ozone for Cooling Towers




Ozone provides an extreme reduction in “blowdown” discharge in cooling towers. The technology will reduce costs through lower water/sewer charges,¬† the minimal use of chemicals, lower energy use, less maintenance and cleaning. This patented technology will also control pathogens such as Legionella, C. diff, coliform, and cryptosporidium in water systems, while adding no chlorine or other toxic chemicals to the water. There is little blowdown and you do not have to deal with the costs, hazards or treatment created by blowdown.

The Insitu Advanced Oxidation Process generators produce a mixture of oxidants not from air or gaseous oxygen but directly from the water using a patented electro-catalytic dissociation process. The resulting nascent oxygen in the presence of precious metal catalysts produces a mixture of powerful oxidants including oxygen radicals, ozone, hydrogen peroxide and hydroxyl radicals. These work together to oxidize and eliminate organic and inorganic pollutants and are especially effective at destroying micro-organisms.

Benefits include:

  • Legionella Control
  • Reliable Treatment of your Cooling Tower water
  • Decrease Blowdown and Increase Cycles of Concentration
  • Efficient Heat Transfer/Energy Savings through reduction of scale
  • To Eliminate Harsh Chemicals, Storage and Handling
  • A Reduction in Maintenance Cost
  • BACnet Capability
  • A Safer, Greener Technology in your Cooling Tower

Check out this video to see how we solved this clients issues.

McGill University