Stormwater Harvesting


Watch the water when it rains. This is the only way to learn and get it right. to learn more visit

By placing swales and naturalistic rock walls through out the landscape to slow down the stormwater runoff and allow for  ground water recharge. Design the topography with walk ways and drive ways as the highest points to allow the water to flow off the impervious areas and on to the pervious ones, keeping your feet dry and allowing the water to infiltrate in to the ground.

Play and experiment. It’s fun!


Use landscaping techniques that divert water to stay on the land, not run off on the sidewalk or the road.


Raise sidewalks and curbs to keep the water on the pervious land and off the streets and sidewalks.




By creating an oasis stormwater runoff can be treated and returned to the ground in an attractive way.


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Photos courtesy of Brad Lancaster.